MYFACE Philosophy

MYFACE is an alliance of creative talents employing new technologies sharing one common ambition: to make art accessible while keeping it exclusive.

MYFACE proposes an innovative art concept that aims to foster the emergence and promotion of digital arts. By forming a collective of creative talents mainly made up of creative talents from all over the world, MYFACE aims to facilitate the creation and distribution of their digital artworks through the following channels:

  • MYFACE website
  • Distributers specialized in the arts, design, interior design and fashion
  • Commercial service providers (interior designers, decorators, concept stores, hotels, clubs, etc.)

MYFACE facilitates the exposure of creative talents and their work at the international level. MYFACE seeks to expand the public's definition of digital art (and our own) in order to appreciate the truly vast and far-reaching impact of digital technology on art, on the world, and on us. More importantly, the process of creating, publishing and distributing the artworks of MYFACE collective benefits from utilizing the latest digital technologies in optimizing the expressive capabilities of MYFACE creative talents.

MYFACE website offers four distinctive galleries:


MYFACE BLACK offers a unique service to a client, individual or corporate, to submit a photograph or theme for an artistic interpretation by any of our creative talent into the creation of a unique and original digital artwork. The delivery of this exclusive service embodies diverse cultural influences drawn from well-established creative talents from all over the world.

MYFACE Collector

MYFACE Collector offers a series of published limited edition artworks from the Myface collection.

MYFACE New Talent

MYFACE New Talent exhibits the personal artistic creations of up and coming talented and qualified digital artists. It is a permanent glance on the artists of tomorrow. It provides a dedicated space to express and showcase the interpretation of their artistic universe through the digital medium.

MYFACE Exclusive

This gallery exhibits the exclusive collections of artwork creations that are produced in collaboration with the partners MYFACE.

MYFACE Challenge

MYFACE Challenge contests are hosted by MYFACE, either solely or with its partners; participation in MYFACE Challenge may in some cases be opened to creative talents from all over the world or be reserved to the creative talents of its collective.

All artworks published by MYFACE are numbered and signed by the artists, with a certificate of authentication.

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