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MYFACE Art concept & gallery presents Majiru By Jean-Christophe Attard ,photographer.
Majiru ,meaning fusion in japanese, is an exclusive collection to MYFACE,combining two artistic worlds,one of the photographer Jean-Christophe Attard and one of the painter Morio Matsui.
This Artwork is an hommage to the great japanese master by using superimposed digital pictorial fragments of Matsui's paintings onto a series of pictures shot by Jean-Christophe Attard in Japan 2006.

Jean-Christophe Attard is professional photographer in France since 1998. He is published in the national and international press (Geo,Paris-Match,New-York Times…) . He’s also the author of several photographic books. He has created Images Fixes, a magazine of photographs in 2005 and currently, he is director of images fixes publishing a concept book company. His pictures have been exhibited in Tokyo and Paris in 2007 and his artwork with Matsui has been projected on the CHANEL building in Tokyo in january 2008.
He will publish three new books in 2008.
He will publish three new books in 2008 and prepares exhibitions in Poland,Paris and Japan.


Morio Matsui was born in 1942 in Toyohashi, Japan. In 1963 he went
to the Musashino Fine Art College in Tokyo and graduated from there in 1967.
He arrived in Paris the 2 April 1967 on a French government grant. He continued his studies at the Julian Academy (Guancé Studio, 1967-1968) and at the Parisian Fine Art College (Singier Studio, 1967-1972).
He has been living and working in Corsica, France, since 1998. Records of his work can be found at the Georges-Pompidou Centre. His lithographs are part of the collection of the Bibliothèque Nationale (National Library) in Paris.
Poster for the Monte-Carlo Open Tennis Championship 2000.
Awarded the chevalier of the Arts and Literature, Awarded the chevalier de la légion d’honneur.

Exhibition 2007 – 2008 :
Paris / Bernheim-Jeune Gallery in october 2007
Tokyo / Chanel Building Nexus Hall 13/01 to 15/02 2008
Official french painter for Universal exhibition in spain.

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